Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today seemed to drag on and on at work. It wasn't too busy, just 25 scheduled cases but then there were the add ons. That is what we call the semi-emergencies. Things that need to be done and mostly come in thru the ER.

Today I did a potpourri of different things. Hernia, Incision and Drainage of a massive blood clot (Called an I&D, for the incision and drainage) that does not need a description, but it usually is not pleasant.

Then on to Urology and relief for a Laminectomy. I think the add ons increased the schedule by 50%. I must be honest, what I was thinking about was I wish this day would end and I could go home.

When I left at five it was already dark. I usually go the back way, but since it was dark I did not want to drive the dark and windy roads, so I got stuck in some of the rush hour traffic. (Why is it called rush hour when the traffic slows to a crawl?)

I will be off for four days and I know it will fly like the wind.

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  1. I can imagine as much as you love your job you will be ready for retirement. I know you are very good at what you do and I believe that you are very proud of your accomplishments as you should be.