Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Have you Noticed?

Somehow, I should have realized, but I didn't. I was sitting here and thinking of what should I write about today......Then I checked the Blogs of Note, on the bottom of the Dashboard.

I went to one, and then traveled onto the Next Blog. Somehow, or maybe it is magic, when you get to the content of one all the rest are of the same genre, or does genre only apply to movies?

I have perused many book reading and evaluations, blogs on fashion, or so they call it in some instances. And then there are blogs that are just plain weird. How do people think this stuff up, really, how do they.

The ones I some how I got on their trail, were blogs started when the children were born and their lives. There are really a lot of those, I suppose I am jealous of them. When the daughter was born there were no blogs. I guess I would have had tendinitis in right index finger from taking so many pictures myself. I took a roll a month, but sometimes the flash on the camera would work and sometimes it would not. I did not have the money at that time just to out and buy a new one.

Maybe I could scan the ones I have, adjust them in Photoshop and then make a belated blog........I will have to think on that.

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