Friday, November 6, 2009


The conference is over and yesterday I started home. I do not like to drive in the dark on unfamiliar roads. I especially worry about four legged woodland creatures jumping out on the road.

I left Williamsburg about 12:30 and then drove to Winchester and stayed overnight. I so did want just to keep driving, but I knew that I only had about one hour of daylight left. I watched a bit of mindless TV and then went to sleep.

This morning I awoke at 4 AM, and could not fall asleep again. This time I again watched mindless TV and decided the world has gone crazy.

I departed at 07:30 and it was really cold out there. I have this little icons on my dashboard of a cut away of a tire with an exclamation mark inside of it. This is a indicator that the tire pressure on one of the tires is low. I stopped at Sheetz and checked all four tires, one took larger volume of air than the rest, filled up the tank and was off. The sensor seems to be in the air filling stem and will reset itself after a few minutes. The first time I had to fill up the tires I had expected immediate gratification, but it takes a few minutes to reset. That is a good invention, at least for me.

I was driving thru the mountains of Western Maryland and for a moment could not figure out what was on the grass and trees, DUH in the same second it dawned on me that it was a dusting of snow..... It was a pretty drive thru those mountains. Driving the PA Turnpike is something I do not like to do. So I decided to drive I 68 which runs parallel to the Turnpike. The traffic was light and three lanes where the direction was uphill.

I got off at US 219 and drove North thru Meyersdale and caught the Turnpike at Somerset. I had not been in that direction for about 25 years, and much to my surprise there was a bypass around Meyersdale. This is a town of about 2,800 people, now, why in the world would milions be spent for that by pass? I could imagine if they had made the whole US 219 a four lane, limited access highway but it was only a few miles..... Just another example of the squandering of our tax dollars again.,_Pennsylvania


  1. Well Claudia, as I have said numerous times I am just a computer illiterate blogger, so I really do not know what I was doing at the time. It may sound unreasonable to you just as the bill from the heart hospital did. I as you probably have guessed am not as well educated or as young as most people you know.

  2. Claudia, I do have one explanation to make about the Heart Hospital. They did not just replace the battery, they replaced the entire unit so he could use a machine that goes with the unit that Joe uses to send how his heart is doing every Monday by holding a wand over his heart and answering questions. It is Boston Scientific unit, but that was still a lost of money and we were not consulted. They used the wires from the old unit that were already attatched to his heart.