Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I made it to Virginia in eight hours. That is the usual amount of time it takes to drive here, from Pittsburgh that is. The drive was sunny and when I got to Winchester I could see dark clouds to the east, and that was the direction that I was headed. In Fredericksburg it started to rain and was raining all the while I was on I 95.
I do not know how any one else feels about the US Interstate system, but I think I 95 ranks up there being about the WORST to drive. It is three lanes, 75 MPH and bumper to bumper. I feel like I am in a demolition derby all the time.

Then I 64 is very busy too but it is mostly two lanes. Whoa, what did I forget...the damned PA Turnpike which is the absolute worst maintained road in the Interstate System.....and there is no wiggle room what so ever on I76.

I have two days of classes done and two to go. I spent my afternoons doing a little shopping and walking around Williamsburg. Today was nice and sunny so I took a few pictures. Tomorrow I will go to class and then out to dinner with my brother and his family. I think Mexican is on the menu.

I realized this afternoon that there are just so many pictures to be taken of Williamsburg, they really all look alike. With the possible exception of ones with snow.

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