Sunday, November 22, 2009


I realized that I had not written in my blog for a week. There is nothing going on except work, work, work, Emily is on a break from Friday till after Thanksgiving, but she has a test on Tuesday.

On Thursday she said she had a sore throat and by Friday morning she has a cold. No muscle, whole body aches. So it is not the flu. She had a regualr flu shot, but the Nursing Students have not yet been offered the H1N1 shots. One would think that people in health care would have been offered them. They are allowed only 2 sick days but the school told them if they got the flu they would be OK with their make up time.

The ICUs in our area are filling up with H1N1, and a few have died. What they list their deaths as is pneumonia, which is essentially the truth, they just leave the H1N1 out of the picture. I imagine there are a lot more deaths than they want to mention . I suppose they don't want to panic the public. It is sad that in this day and age the flu is stronger than modern medicine. But, most of those who died did have some underlying medical condition. It is sort of scary.

People at work were hoping to get off on Wednesday but the schedule is filling up fast, I have yet to figure out who would want to have major surgery and be in the hospital over a Holiday?? Guess they have no friends or life, or perhaps, they want to mess up their families Holiday too. That would not surprise me one bit.

I am not cooking at all this year (for a Holiday) On Thurday we will go to my brothers and on Christmas to my sisters. I heard on the radio yesterday that the Pumpkin crop was ruined and they will not be packing any more for this year. So, even thought I am not cooking, I bought a few cans. Who knows my assignment may be pumpkin pies for Christmas.

In our family the host cooks the turkey and stuffing, and the rest of the sibs cook the dessert and side dishes. It works out well, because everyone wants what they had the year before.....You always know what is cooking.

I am hoping to try to post more often. I will see how that goes.

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