Sunday, November 15, 2009


Emily said she would organize my pantry. It is a job that needed to be done, and I wasn't up to doing it my self. She said she likes the "thought" or organizing, I will not post a picture of her room.

She has spent the past hour taking things out and placing them on the floor. "We will never have to buy mustard again!!!!!"..........."We have the biggest collection of Asian food, outside of an Asian house!!!!!!........ "There are two bottles of Maple Syrup"........

My problem is that I buy things I think I might need, really I make a list and the repopulate it and somehow (????) it gets pushed to the back of the pantry. She said she is going to make me labels and I am to check the closet before another purchase......Sounds good in theory to me. Oh, I see things going back in......she told me next is my spice collection. I have to admit I have about four containers of cinnamon in there.

When she graduates in June (singing Old To Joy) I can stock her pantry from mine, this will give me room to restock, or perhaps I shall mend my pack rat ways......

I hope it works.


  1. Actually, you TOLD me to organize the pantry.

  2. I like the exchange between mother and daughter. I have received emails like that about paypal and I don't have one either. I will say if that is a scam on this AOL thing it was very realistic but I just thought I would rather not fill it out. If AOL wants info they are going to have to get it by calling me.