Sunday, November 29, 2009


Emily and I got up early and were off to the Christmas Flower Show.   I was disappointed because what they had mostly were the LONGFELLOW GLAS BY FRABEL and even though I liked them the show was more of the glass and not very Christmassy.     I was disappointed to say the least.  Last year there were a plethora of Christmas trees and seasonal decorations and Poinsettias of every color, at least red, pink, white and shades of variegation.   This year there were very few.

The picture below was in the main entrance where last year there were decorated evergreens.


Christmas 2008, same position below

ChristmasPhipps2008 154

This year there was just one little woodland setting.




2008 Below

 ChristmasPhipps2008 039


ChristmasPhipps2008 046


ChristmasPhipps2008 049

2009 Tree.


I think it is time for the Frabels to move on to their next location.

Note to Tami, don’t bother to come down to see the show.  And that’s the truth.

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