Friday, November 13, 2009


Today I spent my day doing plastics. Two facelifts, to be exact. Each one will take about six hours. The surgeon is OCD and everything has to be balanced and perfect. Which is a good thing when you are have a cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is all self pay, unless there was some accident or disease process that made a defect. So, for six hours I sat and recorded the vital signs, give medications and essentially keep the person alive and out of harms way. If the B/P or pulse drops I have medication to give. I also am on alert for the unexpected. Most of the time it does not happen but you have to be vigilant and ready to treat anything that will happen.

When a person has surgery that will last a long time we have to keep them warm. So, I will use a fluid warmer and a warming blanket. When they get cold, their blood vessels constrict and there is a decrease of blood flow to the newly operative site. That will not be a good thing.

After a face lift, the entire face is swollen and unrecognizable. I guess it takes about six weeks for everything to look good, although the swelling can persist longer. I wish he had a book of how they look when they are finished.

The hospital system associated with her Nursing School came to try to convince the student to come and work. She likes the OR and ER best. But it is the eternal dilemma, THEY WILL NOT HIRE WITHOUT EXPERIENCE. Now where in the hell do you get the experience. I told her that is why most of the RNs in the OR are in their fifties.

That is such a crock of ..............

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