Thursday, December 10, 2009


I could not keep up with the daily postings. Sunday I bought new decorations for my parents graves, but I need something strong to cut the stems so they would fit in the holder. If the stems were too long the flowers would blow away. Maybe it was best because the past two nights it has been so windy, I suppose they would have blown away in spite of the trimming. For my dad grave I bought some greenery with holly and pine cones and red berries. For my mothers I chose golden colored poinsettias. I will take pictures when I have complete the decorations.

Work has been busy as usual, I thought it would slow down between Thanksgiving and Christmas but it has not done so. Perhaps the week between Christmas and New Years will be slower. I have off the week of Christmas, I have never had that week off before.

The weather is the coldest of the season. Perhaps you have seen all the snowy and wintry weather across the nation. Here in Western PA, we have not had the snow. On Tuesday it started to rain, but there was a push of warmer (40F) weather from the south, but did it rain. I think if it had been snow we would have had a foot or two. The creeks were high. Then tomorrow the temperature dropped, but the snow was gone. Tonight it is to go down to 14F and not above freezing for a few days. I had to play hide and seek to find my window scraper for the car. It was coated with cob webs in the garage.


  1. If I can get to the grave I will be putting a plant on Alan's grave. It drifts terribly out there and if it is really bad will not take a chance on falling. I think it will melt a little even if we are in a deep freeze now.

  2. I enjoy your photos and your blog. My family on my father's side is from Sewickley. Pa. where I lived for a time (also Beaver County area and Whitehall) and I lived and worked in Pittsburgh for a number of years. I was disappointed on what I've seen on the internet at what's happened to Shadyside.