Sunday, December 13, 2009


For the past few days the weather forecasters have been warning Western PA about the possibility of freezing rain Sunday morning. Guess no one told PENDOT. PENDOT is the crack and prompt Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. It started to rain about 6 AM, just like the weatherman said, and it was freezing rain, just like the weatherman said. So, where in the hell were the trucks salting the roads.

Do they think that no one goes out on Sunday??? Perhaps they are under the incorrect assumption that no one works on Sunday.....Well the missed it by a mile, the Interstates were closed and police out in full force attending to skidding accidents. It was abysmal conditions on the roads.

On the other hand the fools that did not have to go to work, did they not listen to the weather man either??? Drivers of the car wrecks, where was your personal responsibility.

What did I do, I opened the door, did a quick appraisal of the weather and touched the precipitation outside the door. Sure enough it was frozen rain, so I closed the door, made another cup of tea and read the newspaper. My car is still in the garage, nice and dry and more importantly unscathed.


  1. I was at the barn before it started this morning and was almost on my butt when I walked out with the manure cart!! I really iced over fast. There is no way I would have been out driving and you are right, I did not hear or see a local or PennDot truck anywhere. Fools.

  2. I watched it on TV. You all made the news.