Friday, December 18, 2009


I am sooooo happy that I am officially off for a week, or so. Work today was sort of busy but not like the two days before.

What I have found, years ago, was the OR schedule would really be slow in the month between Thanksgiving and New Years. What I find now is that everyone is hurrying to get any surgery that they could possible need, done before the new year.

A woman I met yesterday had a $3000 deductable and she needed a hernia repair. Next year she would have had to spend $3000 including he cost of surgery. She would have been out $3000, so she came to have that done.

I think that is the way with most of them. Really, who would want to have surgery around Christmas time??

Tomorrow I am covering second call (home with a beeper) for a coworker who did not know it was her husbands Master Degree graduation, it had been rescheduled after the call schedule was posted.. Another woman and I split the 24 hours. I am hoping I do not get a call, but if I do, so be it.

In Western PA we are on a storm watch of sorts. There is a storm coming up the coast and they expect the Mid Atlantic States to get hit hard. For us they say 1 to 3 inches of snow. BUT, I remember 1993 where we were expecting just a bit and ended up with a blizzard and 24 inches of snow. I can remember shoveling snow with Chuck and telling him that if a man came down the street selling snow blowers I would have paid him $1,000 for one. It hasn’t snowed as much since then. But we have Subarus and I will just drive over the white stuff.

Time will tell on this winter storm.

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