Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Tomorrow I am off and that is my favorite day.......I have a lot to get done. First on my agenda is a trip to the library, I owe then $1.50. Then I have to put the decorations on my parents grave, I would have done it Sunday except for the icy conditions in Western PA. There is a luncheon at work, where several of the doctors have gone together and are sponsoring a Chinese Luncheon for about 150 of the staff. The Chinese food is ALWAYS a hit. I want to get a few gift certificates, and one especially for the woman who does my and my husbands hair. I am sure there is some thing else that I have forgotten at this time.

Tomorrow is my last day before my week off, which is the week of Christmas. This is the first time I have had off Christmas Week, I find that astounding that I have been working since 1971 and took this week off. Guess I can procrastinate on some of the above....

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  1. So glad you are off Christmas week. You deserve it. This cold has thrown a monkey wrench in anything I had planned. I do want to get over that because I really want to go to Connie and Mikes. Haven't seen him since he was diagnosed.