Sunday, December 27, 2009


This is my last day of being off, from work that is.......I may be a little off but who isn't? How does a person go about getting the taxes lowered because the borough in which I live never takes care of my street?

I live on a little cul de sac and whenever it snow or any other kind of precipitation we are like the poor relatives. This morning, for example, at the beginning of the street there was wall to wall, or rather curb to curb ice along the entire width and about thirty feet down the street. I did call the police non emergency line and he said he would take care of the report. I knew the damn conversation was being recorded because I heard the beeping. I did not say anything bad or call any one an idiot (or worse) but I did mention driving hazard, car crashes and personal injury. It is good to have them mentioned when you are being taped.

Every freaking year it is the same thing. The trucks go whizzing on by the street forty feet from my house, I have called and complained but all I get is lip service from the road maintenance. I guess the only solution would be to run for borough council and perhaps then, I may get snow removal. Their reasoning is that it is not a "main" street, what the hell does that mean?? The people who live here have to go to work just the same as the people who live on a "main" street.

I was checking out my "dashboard" and all of the people I am following have disappeared......I know I made some changes in the appearance of the blog but where did they go?? I get bored with the sameness of the appearance and have to change the colors. I even checked the other templates, but things look to cramped for what I have there.

I peruse others blogs and I see all sorts of templates, how do they do that? It shall remain one of those mysteries of life, at least mine.

Back to work tomorrow and I called to see my assignment. I am going to be in the GI Lab. Hopefully it will not be too busy, at least with colonoscopies, not too many people would like to do that prep over the holiday weekend. HOWEVER, I bet there will be a lot of gastroscopies from the same people who ate everything in sight and are now wondering why they have an upset stomach.

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  1. You have a very practical and easily readable blog. It is cramped if you go with a pre-made page. It is fun for a while but then I like plain, most of the time. As you know I change mine so often. However my hard drive is nearly full so I have to be thrifty with what goes on it.