Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In our department, when the Holidays are here, we have a Lotto, to see who will be randomly selected to have off if the schedule is light. We love to have off during the Holidays.

Tomorrow I hit the Lotto, I was selected to be #1 off, unfortunately for me, the schedule is jammed packed and no one has off. I was looking forward to sleeping in and doing nothing.

Today they had ten cases added on with fractures. When I am having problem with walking or walk unsteadily I will stay home and not venture out in the snow. Why do these oldsters do that? Do they all think they are 21 and able to navigate the ice and snow? I have yet to figure it out.

Maybe I have seen too many people with broken parts to even think of doing that......

They are forecasting snow tonight and in the early morning. I will be out in it, but I think a lot of people will have off and the drive will not be so bad. Who knows, maybe I will fall in the hospital parking lot and break a bone.


  1. I have not been out since I had hip injections. I have enough sense to know I could break a bone very easily. We noticed that when I worked in a small grocery store, everyone and his entire family when it stormed, decided to walk up to the store.

  2. I forgot Claudia, and I do not mean this in a critical or nasty way, but don't ever criticize growing old, to many have been denied the privilege.

  3. Oldsters can be hard-headed