Friday, December 25, 2009


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Woke up early this morning and the rest of the people in the house were still asleep.   The cats, however, were awake and meowing at the bedroom door.   I ignored them.

At 7:00 I decided it was time to get up and peeked out the window to observe what portion of the doom and gloom forecast had materialized.   Much to my amazement it was dry and the newspaper was in the driveway….   Next on the agenda was a cup of tea and of course, the feeding of the cats, who were still meowing.   They are hard to ignore when they get all fired up.

Today we are going to my sisters.   I do not know what is on the menu, she called and asked what I was bringing.   I am bringing two vegetable dishes.  The first are green beans.   I found a recipe in Cooking Light and it had shitake mushroom and thyme and parsley.  The second is a baked cauliflower in a milk cheese sauce.   This is prepared with just a small amount of sauce, and the cauliflower is not drowning in it.   It is topped with a bit of crumbled stuffing mix and slivered almonds.  Dinner is at 4 PM.

I like to make my meals with calorie and nutritional content in mind.   If the recipe reads like a caloric extravaganza I will not even make it.    I have not made cookies for many years.    I actually believe I quit making them after Chucks parents died.   I would make several batches and take them to both parents but now I have no need for 15 to 20 dozen of cookies at my house.   I did purchase two pouches of ready made dough of Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip.    They are only one dozen each, I hope they taste good.

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  1. Enjoy your dinner. We will be having dinner by ourselves since I can't say everything looks normal outside. We are in blizzard conditions. So far the lights are staying on so we still have heat and lights. Not so bad being by ourselves. We usually are on Christmas day but missed going to Connie's last night.