Thursday, December 24, 2009


Up and out early this morning too   Seems I forgot to get the thyme and parsley.   I had to get milk also so I could make the cheese sauce for the cauliflower tomorrow.  Yesterday I saw a dark blue comforter set that I was deciding on whether to get or not, so this morning I decided I wanted it, but did not want to go the shopping are in the next town.   It would have been a madhouse.  If it is still there I will get it, if it is gone it will be tough luck for me.

Chuck is working and will be home about four, and this evening we will go out to eat. Food has to be ordered before six.  His parents always had a Christmas Eve celebration with food and opening of the gifts after midnight, I miss that get together.  

The weather for tomorrow is freezing rain in the morning and plain rain after as the temperature will go up to about 44 F.    Guess I will just stay in if it is freezing.  I do not plan to be one of those people who end up in the ER with assorted fractures because I just had to go out.   For anyone who feels the need to go out they have all sort of Church services on the television that you can watch.

Saw a funny cartoon, the father was telling the kids to get to bed that Santa just Tweeted that he was at  the next house.



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