Monday, December 21, 2009


I am sitting here thinking of what I should be doing, and then decided to write in the Blog.    I have off this week and have just addressed and mailed my Christmas Cards.   I use to get about 50 and now it is down to a handful.  

Does everyone else have the same experiences?    I guess the ones I send to are the family and a few people who have more far away and that is the only time we keep in touch. 

Yesterday I  tried to go through things to get rid of items that I never use, and I am having a hard time with that.   I have my old camera and lenses that I never use anymore.   The digital era has replaced changing of lenses, manual focusing and setting all the f-stops and shutter speeds.   I suppose not seeing as well has ended the manual focus for many.    But what do I do with them??   There is not a market for them and I can not bring myself to throw them away.  Guess I will save the for Emily to get rid of when we die.     I told her not to throw anything away and have an auction, at least that will bring in some money.   People really do spend a lot of money at auctions, but personally I can not stand to sit there and bid on items.   I would rather go to an estate sale and buy things that catch my fancy.

Guess I should get to work, I am sitting here with the same large black plastic bag from yesterday and is currently about 10% full.





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  1. You do sound so much like Joe and I. We will go back and forth on what to do with something then say, Oh well. just let the kids do what they want with it. I had to learn all about the different lenses and so forth when I went to work in a camera store when I was 34. Digital is the best thing that ever happened, but I do understand about not throwing it away.