Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I do not usually fall for sales pitches, but the bathtub was draining rather slowly. I could not see anything in the hole.

Then a week ago I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and there is was sitting on a small kiosk in the store. It was $9.99 and I did not have to pay shipping and handling. I only had ten dollars to lose, so I bought it.

Today Chuck Turbo Snaked both the tub and the sink. TA DA he said he got so much gunk out of both of them, most of which he said was long dark hair. (Note picture on right side, top of blog) Now it is running like the Niagara River. He offered to show me what was removed but I passed on that show and tell. He is going to be competition for Anthony Sullivan, he would tell anyone to get one The only problem was cleaning the gunk off of the snake. Glad I did not have to participate in that either.

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  1. Hey that sounds like a good deal. I have seen them advertised in catalogs but like you was not sure it would work. Good to know. Thanks