Saturday, January 16, 2010


I made up my mind and did it. With consultation to husband and daughter, I rented a beach condo. We usually go as an extended family, but no one seemed really interested in going this summer. We haven't been to the shore in I suppose three years.

There are houses for rent, but I chose a condo. It has two bedrooms and the pictures looked great. I guess the old, darkly paneled beach houses are a thing of the past. Sometimes we would read the description and it would be so much different that we had imagined......This condo is on the third floor and has an elevator. So Chuck can sit on the deck and Emily and I go shopping.

I am excited about this. This will be the week after Emily graduates and I think she deserves a bit of time away before her job will start. She download the information on the job shadowing and has to check her schedule to see when she can go, this will be good for both her and the prospective employer. They get to meet and greet each other.

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