Thursday, January 14, 2010


Got to work early in the morning; each Wednesday is an education day so we have to set up before the meeting.

I was working 10 hours and due to be done at 5 PM.   That wasn't the case.   Each room seemed to have delays, added cases and a lot of scheduled cases that took longer than originally intended.

At 3 PM there were nine rooms running and at 5 there were eight.   With only four people scheduled later than 5 PM there were a lot of people working with no relief in site.

Finally in the area of six or so a lot of the lingering cases finished and I was relieved.   My ten hour day morphed into thirteen hours.   I am glad I am off today so I can rest.  Sometimes I feel so tired that it is hard to fall asleep and sleep in during the morning.   There must be a word for that.

For the first time in two weeks the daytime temperature is to go above freezing. I spent a little time knocking down the ice down from the eaves of the house.   I only did the ones I could reach from the bathroom window.   Made me feel good to whack their icy bodies off of my gutter.  

Emily is doing a rotation in the cath lab today.    Cardiac cath that is,  I had given her some information on the procedure and EP studies so she would know what was going on there.   She said she would be there half the day and half the day on some other unit.

She got the form to send in for the job shadowing at Childrens Hospital.    She has to figure out a day when she doesn't have class.    Emily had a free day every week since she started back in August, so now she wants a free one it will be hard to find.

   Guess that is the way it goes.HR011798

I felt the need to look at something green instead of white.  Taken off of Rt 19 in West Virginia.   Before the Storm



  1. You have been a busy lady. Yeagh, whack those icicles. We still have snow everywhere.

  2. Tell your daughter I am not in face book often and the son that was shown there is no longer that under 20 kid who is now about to the end of his forties and has decided he wants nothing to do with me. He lives in Texas and I have no idea what happened. He called me 2 or 3 times a week and about 2 years ago he just will not communicate. His father died when he was 4 and we were very close. I just keep telling him I love him on his voice mail. Facebook is confusing to me and that is the main reason I don't go in often, plus 2 blogs. When I heard he was in there I had to go see if I could find him.