Saturday, January 16, 2010


Woke up this morning and I actually heard a bird chirping.   Thursday was to be above freezing so I, bright and early, went to the grocery store and the car wash.  There were only two others in front of me.

It was so great to get the salt and salt stains off the car.  For three days now the daytime high has been above freezing and tomorrow promises the same, but with rain.  Hopefully it will wash the salt of the road. 

I look at the long term forecast for the weather and it say (????with what percent accuracy I must question???)   that the long range forecast predicts  (key word there, or should be guesses)  that the temperature will be above normal.   Actually, it feels like March outside.    Now, only someone who lives where the four seasons change can equate to that feeling.

I have the urge to get some housework done,  I think I will sit down until that feeling goes away.........


  1. It has been above freezing here before noon for about 4 days. Sloppy as all get out but I will take sloppy over ice and snow any day. I know I have to keep my mind active having a sister that went into alzheimers pardon the spelling, I never get it right, very young and my mom started leaving burners on and so forth at about 77 + the doctor says the computer is good to keep the brain active. I don't mind that people don't comment, but I think when the comments go down that means I am getting boring and need to do something else for a while.

  2. No house work for me today! I had to let the feeling pass me by too. It's warm up here....and the pasture will be muddy by tomorrow....sigh.... horses stuck in and the manure filling up the stalls...yippee!

  3. Came here by way of Lucy our mutual friend. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  4. It has been pleasant the past few days. I would be very happy if the temperatures would stay above normal!