Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The problem with living in Western PA is "lake effect snow." That is the snow that is created by the cold Arctic wind blowing down from Canada and crossing Lke Erie (or any one of the Great Lakes) Pittsburgh is about 150 miles from Lake Erie and we still get the snow. For a few days now it has been below freezing and we are getting "lake effect snow." It comes a few inches at a time and is a royal pain. After the Great Lakes freeze over that will no longer be a problem, who knows if they will freeze over or not.

I have off today, I LOVE MY DAYS OFF, if money were not object, or health insurance as a matte of fact, I would quit working altogether. But, that is not the way it is........

I have a lot of things on todays agenda. First of all, my car has sensors that tell me when the tire pressure is low. The first time I say that icon on the dash board I was anxious, now it is on nonstop, even though I filled the tires. My theory is that I have a slow leak on one of them. I suspect that there is a nail in the tire causing it to lose air. I will get glad to get that fixed.

Second my biannual visit to the asthma doctor. I love this guy, he makes you feel like you are the only patient he has to see today. Then lastly the annual trek (traumatic endeavor) to take Molly to the vet. Last year I chased her for a half hour to get her in the cage.

New strategy is to close all the doors in the house and have two other helpers to catch this damn, neurotic cat. She senses somehow, change in body language perhaps, when something is up. More on this later......

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  1. good luck on the weather, cat and tire sensors.