Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today went without a hitch…..first the trip to Subaru. I thought that I had ran over a nail and had a slow leak. The service guy said that the low tire gasket on the pressure sensor was bad and the air was leaking. Problem solved, no more tire icon lights on. Best of all it was covered by warranty. He did say that the tire tread was low and I would be needing new tires, all four. This was Chucks assignment to research the tires. In their almighty wisdom the US Government slapped a 32%, or there about, tax on the tires made in China.

Is there a soul out there that doesn’t believe that the proverbial poop will float down hill and the consumer will pay the ultimate cost??? The tire prices has escalated since the last time I bought them. Does anyone out there truly believe that only the tires made in China will be the only ones with the inflated price increase??? NO WAY on both counts. I wish the government would quit protecting me so much. Who do they exactly think they are fooling? It is the customer, ME, who will pay the price, ME. Why do they continually put on levies expecting to punish someone and it turns out to be the customers.

Molly’s trip to the vet…..Procedure, keep an eye on the cat. About fifteen minutes before you need to go close all the doors to the rooms and basements…….The three of us went to catch Molly, she ran like the wind….we could not catch her in the family room. Down the steps she flew to the basement, OH NO door closed. She then flew over Chuck and headed to the bedrooms… OH NO doors closed….into the bathroom and she proceeded to hide behind the toilet. Emily went in and closed the door, and captured Molly. It only took about ten minutes and the prey was secured.

The visit to the vet was uneventful and she got a new toy. Then ran and hid when we got home, she came back out after about one hour.

I got a lot accomplished in one day, but, I feel I need another day to rest up from today…..

No problem at all at the asthma doctor.

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  1. Is it warm there????? Is there anywhere that is warmer than Nebraska