Saturday, February 6, 2010


The snow has stopped and we spent almost three hours shoveling 20 inches or so from the driveway.    In between the cars and along the wall the drifts were about 3 to 4 foot high.  

Chuck tried to get out of the driveway and got stuck, he had to call off and his employer was not too happy.   At 3 PM our street still has not been plowed.   I hope no one on the street needs an ambulance or fire truck because one will never get down the road.     The major problem is there is no where to put the snow and I know when the plow does get here the driveway will be snowed in again.   

Subaru's do not go thru snow that is deeper than the height of the floorboards.  I saw some big bad ass SUV's stuck in the snow on the TV.    We needed a snow plow but did not have one.

I am thankful that we still have electricity and a few bottles of wine.    Emily is going to make spaghetti this evening.

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  1. I think we have all had enough of this winter and wish for spring to break through quickly.
    It's no joke being snowed in or being unable to get to work because of the difficulties it imposes.
    Enjoy your wine and snuggle up until conditions have improved.
    Jeanie xx