Sunday, February 7, 2010


Forty eight hours after the first flake  fell, we have had our street plowed.   The boroughs infinite wisdom is to plow the main roads first, then the secondary and the cul du sacs last.    What sense is that if the people who live on the secondary and cul du sacs can't get to the main road.    We have officially have 21.5 inches of snow (Times it by 2.5 to convert to cm)   I am too tired to do it myself.

Early this morning at 07:25 I head the snow plow truck and saw him plowing the road of which ours branches.  That was the last we saw of the truck.    Chuck called the police non emergency line and we were told they were working.   Emily and I took a walk, and I fell in the snow about 3 times because it was so deep.   All of the other roads on our side of the highway had been plowed.   Another phone call and the officer could not imagine why they would plow all of them and not ours......I have a theory, too lazy to go down.

Well, after 2:30 PM there he was and in ten minutes the road was clear.   They everyone was out shoveling the ends of their driveways.   It was four feet high and we then shoveled the walkway of the elderly woman across the street.   She is in he 80's and very frail, she would have dropped over dead if she had tried that. I found out that everyone of the street was calling and complaining about the lack of plowing.

Took some more pics will have to post late.  Now I can get to work tomorrow.   Have been hearing from people that the local hospitals have been threatening their employees  who said they could not make it.    How in the world do they think people could do that if nothing had been plowed.   I do not have a helicopter, and I can't shovel 100 feet of a road.

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