Saturday, February 13, 2010


I heard a few things that today have me really irked.   The first is with my local borough.    Chuck went for his haircut today and the hair dresser lives in the same borough as I.    She tells Chuck that her streets were cleared several times on last Friday and she was able to drive on Saturday.   

I live a ten minute drive from her and mine was not plowed till Sunday afternoon at 3 PM.     Her development is a bit more upscale that mine but that should be no reason for this treatment.  Now, does the problem lie with the  distribution of plowing services or does it lie with the person who allegedly plows my street???    

Maybe I should start posting things on Facebook and Twitter, maybe that would get some publicity and action, I honestly doubt that, but it would make me feel better.
He is off on Monday and said he was going to go and see the Borough Manager.   I told him, do not buy a weapon today.....LOL...

The second thing, which doesn't affect me personally, is on a talk show this morning a man was talking about  he heard that about 8 to 10 of the City of Pittsburgh work crew called of on Sunday because of the Super Bowl.   If I lived in the city proper I would be flaming mad at that...they should be FIRED,  if it proves to be true.

I am on second call today,  which means that the person at the hospital is working too damn hard and they need back  up assistance.   I am not in the mood for working, hope I do not get called in.  Actually, I am never in the mood for working, but I like to eat.


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  1. I understand your frustration Then when you are surrounded by white stuff it gets to you or any normal human being.