Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have been trapped in the house for over a week and needed to get out.   I felt like I was developing a neurosis……I do not count work and the grocery store as   being “out.”
My first stop was Half Price Books, and I can spend an hour there, and I did indeed find a few things, including a Pediatric Drug Dose Book for the daughter.   She is going to do a job shadowing at Childrens Hospital.   I told her to memorize the book, LOL.    Next stop was Barnes and Nobles   I can spend a lot of time there. 
Off to Macys because Lancôme was giving a gift with purchase…got some nice lip colors and a neat moisturizers for free, well, they were free because I spent money….Does that make sense, I know it does to the women out there.  I am beginning to sound like a husband.
I also bought a pair of black slacks and a shirt which were 70% off and an additional 15% off if you used your Macys card.   Most of the things were ugly, but what I found was cute.   Any lower in price they would be throwing the clothes at you.   The new spring fashions were out, I am not feeling like buying spring clothing when I see six feet high piles of snow.
I have to get new snow tires.   Today there were ads for Goodyear and another company of which I do not remember and whoever they are  invoked Chucks ire waswhen he could not find a price on line.   You had to call and talk to someone and he would rather see what the price is himself.
Back to Goodyear….Buy 3 and get one free, or so they lead you to believe.   First thing it did not included the sales tax, then there was $1.00 each tire disposal fee, and another $1.50 tire charge, what in the hell was that????   Sounds like redundant tire charges.   And even though he had checked that the tire leak sensors when he was looking on line at Goodyear, the guy at the store said that would be $7.00 each.   Then there was a 25% shop fee, for what he asked, the guy could not tell him.    The only thing they did not add was a price for the compressed air..or perhaps it was the shop fee???????    There was also a charge for mounting and balancing….
He complained about the hidden fees and alleged price gouging and told him he would take his business elsewhere.    He got a good deal at Pep Boys and they did not have all those added fees……I am going this week sometime to have them put on.   The only problem there is the store stinks (Chuck likes the smell----must be on the Y chromosome.)   Wonder if they  have wifi????  Probably not, I will take one of the books from today's Retail Therapy   jaunt.


  1. Macy's sounds like just the ticket after our horrendous snowstormS!! I'll have to try & get to Macy's, I have a card and it sounds like you'll get a good price by using it.

    Tires are such a rip off. We just got tires for the truck after Doug spent hours online searching for the best price we ended up going to a place 2 miles away! Like you say, all the hidden charges add up.

  2. Glad you got out. Ieft a short version of what I must do and I will leave comments as often as I can. I will continue with my blog, with his blessings but have to break it up. Quitting face book. Rather like my bloggers so I will continue.

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