Saturday, February 6, 2010


Chuck woke up this morning to two foot of snow on the driveway.   He was suppose to go to work.  If we had gotten out of the driveway we would not be able to drive on the street because the roads have never been plowed.  At 07:23 this morning they still have not been plowed and it keeps on coming down.    I am going to put on my ski pants (that is the only thing related to skiing I own) and take a walk around the neighbor hood and take pictures.  The community next to ours has declared a State of Emergency.   A lot of the Interstates are closed due to the semi that are stuck and blocking traffic.   Will post more pictures late.

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  1. Oh wow!!! I thought we had it bad. Nothing like that but we will be getting more but I am already sending prayers up, do not let it be like Claudias.