Friday, February 5, 2010


I am still in the mind set of wishing and hoping for spring,  BUT, that is an exercise in futility today.  There is snow from Missouri to the East Coast, and from Florida to New York.     We are currently expecting one foot, but I have heard that song before.   I am willing to bet it is one foot plus.     I tried to take some pictures but the heavy snow flakes are not showing in the picture.  

Today I did my patient satisfaction survey.    It took most of the morning and I must say it looks good,   of course it has to go thru committees and have a note from the Pope and someones mother before it is approved.   

We will use this tool to decide how to improve our care.    I decided to make the paper one page, five questions and you rank from Strongly disagree to Strongly Agree.    Our hospital in in Allegheny County and it has the second highest population of senior citizens after Dade County Florida.    I wanted a paper hand out because a lot of people in that age group may not access to a computer or not know how to use a computer.  

I did not want it to be mailed because of the cost of postage either for the hospital or the patient.  So, I decided to make a handout given to the outpatients when they arrive and have them fill in the blanks and it will be collected before they leave.   I also want to to be on colored paper so the survey is easily identifiable.  There is also a box for comments.

I will see how long it takes to get this into operation and  how long it will take to get approval.   The results should be interesting.

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