Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here is a picture of me taken yesterday.  There was 21.5 inches of snow and I am standing in my street, waiting for the snow plow.   

This reminded me of  the Thanksgiving Snow Storm in 1950, that was the most snow about 27.8 or there about.

I was four at the time, and what I remember of that Friday night was waiting and looking out the front door waiting for my dad to come home.  He worked for the Union Railroad, he was an electrician and his job included the motor  work on the on the trains.

I remember the cars spinning their wheels trying to get up the street.    He was hours late and my mother was worried.   It seemed like forever and I can recall he got home about 8 PM.   The buses had stopped running and he had to walk about four miles from the roundhouse home.

My mother and I went to the local store the next day and she pulled me on a sled.    I seemed to me it was a lot of snow, but being a child any amount would seem like a lot.

I found out much later that it was indeed a lot of snow.   I haven't found any pictures of my parents of that Thanksgiving storm.

SNOW STORM FEB 6 2010 (32)


  1. I'm only 5'1 1/4 inches so I guess if I took that photo I would be up to my neck in it Claudia. lol
    My it is really deep!
    It will take some time to get back to normal after that snowfall.
    Take care and don't do too much digging out all at once.
    I hope your husband manages to get to work safely soon.

    Jeanie xxx

  2. Yep...I can see you are/were in the same sinking ship we were in!! I cannot believe they didn't plow your street for so long! I can understand making us wait so long since we are so rural but it looks pretty populated on your street. That is just crazy. It is so gruelling shoveling. I had to do ALL the animal feeding tubs and gates so I share your misery....I could have hopped a plane to Bermuda and never looked back! Let's hope we are spared the next one.