Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AT IT AGAIN...........

The weather that is,   snow is predicted again for today.   There are a lot of people who have not been dug out from the last one.

The place where I work has instituted a policy that you have to get to work...the said they will come and get you, let them come I say.   If there is two foot of snow on your street and the road is impassible I will be willing to be picked up and taken home.

They also stated that if your are at work they will institute a disaster plan and you will be held hostage at work.   Disciplinary measures will be taken.  That is like communism, it sounded good in theory.    How many people out there have children or a disabled spouse or parents that they are responsible for their care.   Do you just let them sit at home or at the day care or sitters?    I do not have an answer for that one.    

I looked at the weather map and it does not look good.   I will try to see if I can copy and paste the page below.  Courtesy of the Weather Channel.   It seems there are two systems, one in the Midwest and one south.   At some point the two will merge and form a super storm.   I hope that is over the Atlantic Ocean.

I have two doctor appointments today and was hoping to go out to lunch.   I think we can get to the restaurant, but I have doubts about finding a place to park.

Seems the mayor of Pittsburgh has activated the National Guard to help with snow removal and assist in picking up people who are sick and need medical attention.   None of the ambulances could get up some of the streets but the Humvee's can and a many of the National Guard people are also medics while in the National Guard assignments.

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  1. Gonn'a start here sometime this morning.....stay safe and warm!!

  2. Oh no! Not more snow for you.
    I am bemused as to how work can expect you to travel.
    I remember walking three miles in deep snow early one morning as we had a boarding school full of girls to feed. That was a tiring walk! It's the trudging through the deep snow and the unused to lifting of your legs so high that takes its toll on your body.
    We laughed and chivvied each other all the way there but by jings it was hard! The snow was not as deep as yours either.
    Stay safe and warm and at home.
    Jeanie x

  3. I truly hope you get no more snow.