Sunday, March 14, 2010


All the doom and gloom of the weather forecast has not materialized.....the rain was not as heavy as expected.   There may have been some wet basements, but the amount of rain that would have flooded the houses built upon the banks of the rivers and streams.  It would be nice to have a house on a creek or river, but not to worry about it every year, and agonize when there is a hurricane with the potential of dumping rain in the mountains, far from the ocean.

The weather is mild and damp.  There was a item in the paper that we can expect lower that normal amount of wild fires this spring.   Too wet to burn.

Emily is still hobbling, but down to using one crutch.    She got an ankle support, at WALGREENS no less.  Initially I had called a medical supply place and they told me they had several ankle support items.    After we drove there, they had two to be exact and the one in which she was interested was too small.   She did pose the question, what size would the men wear???   Her ankle is very swollen and black and blue.  

An employee at the Medical Supply store suggested a drug store, and the Walgreens was a large one on the way home.  Walgreens had more splints, supports and braces than the  first place, for ankles, knees, wrists, and also slings and a myriad of other body parts that might need some help.  A large selection of types of splints was also in the offing.   

I would probably guess that the Walgreens price was probably at least half if not more than the other store.  The only difference that I can figure out is that the Medical Supply would bill the insurance if you had a prescription, which we did not.

On second thought, it was probably three times the cost!!!!!


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