Thursday, March 11, 2010


Outside, not kidding now, it must be 60F and the sun is shining…..We have had a run of warmer weather.  Warm enough to melt the mounds of snow.   A lot of it is gone, but there is still there on the areas that are in the shade and the towering mounds in parking lots.

The weather prognosticators are calling for potential for flooding.   The County of Allegheny has posted an Emergency Declaration because of it.   When your town in at the confluence of three rivers flooding does have a potential for disaster. FLOOD OF 1936.   FLOOD FROM IVAN CLICK ON A LINK  My favorite is number 23, the interstate is buried in flood water.

Today was my day off and I drove Emily to class.  Her class is taking ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)  This is for health care providers and what to do when a person has a cardiac arrest.   This class takes two days and one day for the refresher course.

She is now able to bear weight on her right leg but she still has to sit with the leg propped up on a chair.    She is still unable to drive.    Chuck is off tomorrow and he takes her to class.  I am glad it was x-rayed because with her hobbling around on crutches for a week, I would have thought for sure it was fractured.

Chuck went to  the Social Security Office to get information.   He had to make an appointment, after the woman VEHEMENTLY INSISTED he could find that info online.   Plus after he made an appoint to talk to a human he got two letters ($0.90) in postage of our squandered tax dollars, no less telling him he could get the information on line.   If he could have found the information on line, do they think he was that bored that he just needed to go to the Social Security Office to fill the morning of his day off.    

When he got there he said there were about thirty people, only of which three looked old enough to retire……He could not figure out why there were so many you people, none with canes or in wheelchairs, they he decided they were probably  looking for a disability…….  Honestly, I see it every day, people younger and healthier than me on disability…….  Whose the fool here?????  I think it is the taxpaying citizens of the USA>


  1. With the amount of pain I had and am still having, I am surprised it wasn't fractured myself. Apparently, I just have resilient bones or something.

  2. It is cold and rainy and snowed yesterday. Bah humbug.