Monday, March 29, 2010


My week off started on Saturday, and I did nothing…… I did nothing yesterday.   I guess I was gearing up for the week of nothingness.    I did set a few goals which involved getting rid of junk and cleaning.  I find it hard to get involved in projects when I have one day off during the week.  I guess I would rather sit on my butt and make lists of things I would like to do when and if I ever get motivated. 

I watch the TV shows where people make thousands of dollars selling their stuff at their garage sales.  All I have ever done is make a few bucks and exhausted a lot of energy watching no one lifts what I am selling.

To have a sale you have to sort out things you know you will never use again, then place the things in boxes and set a day.   And hope and pray for no rain.

The hardest thing I found it separating from things you think you may use again and all the while knowing you will not.

The easiest, or most logical, is to make three piles.   One save things you are currently using,  two get a large trash bag and throw away the useless (what in the world did I buy this for?) or broken and Three make a pile to sell or give away.

I spent a long time pricing things that I thought the price was right, BUT,  no matter what I set the price as, EVERYONE THOUGHT THEY SHOULD PAY HALF OF THE STICKER PRICE.

For me it is just not worth the hassle.  What I have been doing ever since is giving it to the thrift store.    I had a good idea to sell my books to HALF PRICE BOOKS  but they charge you half price but they give you pennies on the dollars for what you want to sell to them.

Now I have decided to donate the books to my local library and they can make money on them and use the money to buy more books.   Some how a charity seems to be the best option for me.

Emily worked at a thrift store in college and she said that people actually changed the price tags on the merchandise.    That is really low, stealing from a charity.   Stealing   from Jesus, how low can you go???    The thrift stores use the money for their charitable causes.

Now I am seriously thinking about getting up or maybe I will procrastinate a bit longer….


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