Thursday, March 25, 2010


Off from not working that is....of course, some may say I am a little off to start with. I guess that could be said about most of us.....

The kid and I are off today. On our agenda is a trip to TRADER JOES'S. Well did I not get that spelling wrong, but since I am too lazy to go and change the Hyperlink it will just stay as typed.

I love Trader Joe's, but what I do not like are the antiquated liquor laws in Pennsylvania. I could go to the Trader Joe's in most any other state and I could buy wine. Even in the Bible Belt of the USA a person can buy wine in a grocery store....I think it is a control and tax issue.

We, will then go to lunch...

Emily had her interview yesterday and she felt it went well. The Neuro people invited her to come for a job shadowing. She is going to set up the time, and also go for a job shadowing at Childrens Hospital.

I think that once you get the first interview under your belt you will be more comfortable with the succeeding interviews.

When the kid graduates I am planning to cut down my hours or possibly retire. I have to look at stand by, casual or flex positions and just work a few days a week, or take off the rest of the summer and then work a bit in the fall. It all depends of which way the wind blows.

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  1. If you think like we did, we had done our time by in my case 62 because I was helping take care of my son who was on hospice and my Husband retired at 67. After heart surgery he went back to work for 3 more years. Doing brake jobs on 18 wheelers.

  2. I agree with you about the first interview and getting it under your belt. It is all good experience to help leave the nerves behind at a later interview.
    Cutting down your hours and not giving up altogether sounds like a sound idea. It is good to keep in touch with the social side of work and not give it up altogether.
    Jeanie xx

  3. I'm not familiar with Trader Joe's but I agree our alcohol laws are from the prohibition days. How exciting for Emily to be shadowing and starting her career. Oh to have your whole life ahead of you.

  4. I know nothing of Trader Joe's but we do have a Trader Vic's here... maybe it's Joe's wife?!!

  5. I come down to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods once a month!