Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Phipps2009 041 Phipps2009 036

Phipps2009 053

I think everyone is starting to get the picture.   For the most part the majority of the snow is gone.   There are a huge snow piles in parking lots that are still there.  And the snow in the mountains is still there too.

If I complain about the heat in the summer, write a comment and remind me……the forecast is for warm and sunny from now until the weekend…..I think a trip to PHIPPS CONSERVATORY and the Spring Flower Show is in order for Sunday morning, but only if the sun is shining…

Emilys ankle is healing nicely.  I am the chauffer of the day…when I pick her up we will go to lunch.   She just has tests this week and an interview next week.   She is walking with out crutches or one crutch, although, with a limp.    Sprained ankle pain can last as long as six weeks.

She has been filling out applications, everything these days is on line.   Guess if you don’t have a computer or are computer illiterate, you need not apply…

Well, it is 11:30 GTG and pick up the kid.


  1. What beautiful flower pictures Claudia! So perfect for spring.
    We had a beautiful day yesterday but today it is raining. That is so much better than snow any day..yes?
    I'm pleased to hear that Emily's ankle is healing nicely.
    Take care
    Jeanie xxxxx

  2. We had a beautiful day today and supposed to snow tomorrow.