Saturday, March 20, 2010



I have been working so hard at the hospital I haven't even had time to check or write in my blog.  We are down two people and with three on vacation that leaves the same load with fewer people.    I am off the week after next and will try to recoup.   I do not have any plans except not going to work..

Today I am off to the Spring Flower Show.  I like to get there nice and early so I can get a good parking space and it will not be crowded, so I can take a few good pictures. 

Then on to the CARNEGIE LIBRARY OF PITTSBURGH MAIN This is a very large library and has many departments.   They have many new book and the oldies but goodies in their stacks.    I always enjoy a day out at the library.  Emily decided not to go with me, she would rather sleep (this is spring break week) and she is still having pain in her ankle, she is walking with a slight limp and can not walk too much yet.

Her ICU unit is over and now she goes onto Nursing Management.  She said for the next week she will be making posters (?????) and doing presentations.   The last month she will be working longer hours and taking care of more complex patients. 

This evening we are having "Movie Night" at our house.   Comcast has Movies on Demand and a lot of the latest releases, so we will pay for a movie and nosh movie food.   The one that is on our agenda is THE HURT LOCKER.


  1. Lucky you with the movies tonight. Here in England it's Rugby! Rugby! Rugby! All day and night.
    I guess I will be relegated to the tv in the bedroom. lol
    Enjo the Spring Flower Show. That's my kind of day out too.
    I once lived in our local library as a child. I 'ate' books up! lol
    Posters??? What's that to do with nursing?
    Enjoy your movie.
    And the movie nosh too...hahaha
    Jeanie x

  2. Hope you enjoyed your movie night. So blasted cold here. Spring, bah. Think Nebraska forgot the meaning of spring. Mike only has 2 more chemos and he is skinny as a rail but things look good for the future.