Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yesterday was a depressing day, weather wise.   It rained, most of the day.   On yesterdays agenda I decided to do some cleaning.   The bedroom was the main target, today was the family room.  

I have a window guy who does the outside of the windows.  When you get to your sixties it is a good idea not to be climbing out the window two stories up.   I have talked to the people who have the windows that swing around so you can clean both side and they say they are heavy and unwieldy.   Glad to hear that so I do not order them.    The cost is reasonable,  I have 12 windows and it costs $26.00.   When I think of fractures and concussions it is a small price to pay.

So for most of today I have been washing the curtains and sheers, shelves and the top of the ceiling fans.   All I can say is that it is good that I am not allergic to dust.   Getting out the six foot ladder is an endeavor because by the time you need it again, all the stuff you have piled in from of it is now a camouflage for what is hiding behind.     I think we should sell the house and move because that is the only way we have been able to get rid of things. 

We have moved, let me count them now, nine times.   This included two continents and four states.    I am STILL meaning to scan my photo album, I have been planning to do that ever since bought the scanner.   Come to think of it, the scanner is probably covered with dust too.

The weather is suppose to get increasingly better as the days progress, tomorrow 72, Thursday 76, Friday 80, Saturday 80 at this rate we will be having a heat wave by next week.  After the snow turmoil of February I will not complain, at least not yet, about the heat.   Well…….maybe after a string of 90 degree days in July.


  1. It has aleady reached the 100's here and we are not that close to summer... scary thought!!

  2. You sound like us as far as hidden dust and all those things that you have to move to get to the ladder.