Thursday, April 1, 2010


The metamorphous to clean the house that is.   Even though I have not gone anywhere I did accomplish a lot.   It will be easy to become accustom to not working.   I still have not gotten rid of anything, but there are three days left.

Tomorrow I will be all alone.  Chuck is working and Emily is going on a job shadowing at a local trauma center.    She had off tomorrow and elected to do a shadowing.    Tomorrow morning she will be asking herself “WHY” she chose to do that on her day off.

The really dirty job is still ahead.  We had added a master bedroom and garage on the side of the house.   Where the new addition was added there was a ledge on the house, it was the structure on the side.    Well, Chuck made a ledge and I have things sitting on that ledge.   So, tomorrow I have to dust and clean the shelf.   It is about 9 foot off the ground so I get to use my handy dandy ladder again.   This is not a every month project so tomorrow is the day.

Perhaps I will take it picture when I am finished…..

I feel relaxed, I needed the time off from the stress.   When I start to hate everyone at the hospital I know it is time for a week away.   Part time is looking better and better….


  1. Ah yes, when we start to hate everyone and everything about our job we need to de-stress! Been there, done that!! It sounds like you are getting so much accomplished and I know what a good feeling that is. I have to get started on a thorough cleaning too - you've inspired me to get on it. Be careful on that ladder.

  2. I always liken spring cleaning to the birds nesting. Busy..busy. busy!
    A change, they say, is as good as a rest.
    Enjoy yourself over the holiday.
    Happy Easter!
    Jeanie xxxx

  3. I had a whole day of cleaning on Thursday (the weekend is Thurs/Fri here), boy oh boy my house is sparkly and I slept like a baby on Thurs!!

  4. I have never liked to climb over 2 rungs up a ladder. I would love to see a picture. Claudia I want to thank you for all your comments on both Mike and now myself. I have not really been afraid it was to serious but it did take me totally by surprise. I am on coumadin now and have been on it before about 4 years ago then he let me switch to asprin.

  5. you know Claudia, the first thing I thought when that doctor said first , AGE, I thought Those darn Golden years are at it again.