Tuesday, May 11, 2010



How does it go from 80 and sunny on Friday to 45 and rainy on Saturday?  I don’t know either.   

Saturday dawned bright and sunny but cold.   My agenda was to go to the PHIPPS CONSERVATORY  to see their Summer Flower Show.  The theme this summer is GARGOYLES    I remember gargoyles from my childhood, seeing pictures of them atop the buildings in Paris perched on Notre Dame Cathedral.   I had always found them a bit frightening.    The thought of them somehow coming alive was frightening to me.  The Phipps gargoyles were benign for the most part.

I love to go to the flower shows and this exhibit just opened and I think perhaps it would have been better a little later in the season.   When the annuals are in full bloom and have grown to fill out their garden space.  Perhaps I will go again.   I have a subscription and go often.

In early May the Conservatory sponsors a May Market.   They have it each year where vegetable, flowers and herbs are for sale.   There is also a section for books, crafts, and a few food booths.   Emily was interested to  HEIRLOOM TOMATOES  They are non hybrid and she felt that they were more meaty and less juicy.   She does not like the juicy aspect of tomatoes.  So I bought three plants, some soap, a black raspberry pie that is from  SANDHILL BERRIES    They grown a huge variety of berries and make pies and jams.   The pie was delicious and it was like your grandmother would make, not too sweet and immersed in that gooey thick sauce used to thicken pies made today.


By now it had gotten cloudy and the wind was blowing about 25 mph which made it very cold.  After a few more stops on my agenda, home again.

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  1. It is the same here, Claudia. I don't know what we did to deserve it. Love your pictures.