Saturday, May 15, 2010



And I never have to set a clock.   I think my ability to wake up early, when most of the people will still get four hours of more sleep, is the results of getting up early my entire life to go to work.

So, up early had a cup of tea and read the paper.  Then on to another cup of tea and an English Muffin and read my email and decided to write in my Journal.   

Chuck has decide to retire and I am going part time.   I sat and wondered, why am I working so hard.   The workload is getting harder and longer.  Many times a week I have to be in earlier to get ready for cases that start  before the routine OR scheduled time.   If a person does not get to leave when their 8 or 10 hours are finished, this is a form of forced overtime.   It is preloaded rather than post scheduled time.

So this summer we will cut down.   There are a few things I would like to do, and I have a few thing I would like Chuck to do.......I will start working on THE LIST.......

Volant Family picnic August162008 003

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  1. Love your flowers. I will be going Friday to see if beat of my heart is still working. I think so. Felt awful for the first few days after but I think it was my sinuses. About time you 2 slowed down. I am up long before Joe and Spunky and I love that alone time, temporarily.