Saturday, May 22, 2010


My sisters and I had planned an annual trip to SMICKSBURG PA

The weather had been good all week and even up until the time Shawnna, Emily and I arrived at Kathy's’ house the rain held off.   But once we were on the road it started to rain.   Emily and I had our umbrellas but my sisters wore their hooded rain jackets.     I was wishing I had my jacket too.

Smicksburg is a small town in Western PA.    In Pennsylvania there are quite a few AMISH communities.   It is amazing to me how they live as their ancestors did and have no need for “modern” conveniences.  I do not think I could live with out my car and electricity.   I read an article that during the oil embargo and the price gouging cost of gas a year or so back, they were not affected at all.

There are a few shops in the town and actually it was a girls day out.    I did not buy much but we had lunch and caught up on things going on in our lives.

I poured most of the day.   Pennsylvania has many small towns on two lane highways and it is interesting what you may find.    If I had a lot of time I would just head down the back roads and see what there is.

There is one town in PA that I had read about a few years back is Frenchville PA where in the not too distant past the residents spoke French.   I suppose for a long time the town was virtually isolated.   It does not seem to be the situation now, but I wish I had gone thirty years ago.

There is also a town in the middle of PA called JERSEY SHORE now how in the world did it get that name??   If you look at the map of South Eastern PA you will find many interesting names such as Intercourse, Blue Balls and Bird in Hand. 

Maybe I will go there and take pictures of the town signs.  


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  1. Glad you had a good time with your sisters. Wish mine were still alive and healthy. Could you give me an idea what to look for as far as to much bleeding. I m on 3 doses of 200 mg. a day plus 5 of coumadin. As you hay have read my heart went out of sync already They put me on the amioderin and the DR., Nurse, and pharmacist said to watch closely for blood loss. I had 2 bloody noses yesterday, but mainly on one side, I have numerous bruises I don't know what I did to deserve that. I have passed no blood but will probably talk to the nurse if I continue to bruise.