Friday, May 28, 2010


Lately we never seem to have much of a spring. It was cold, warm, then cold again, and now it is in the 80's and it seems to be staying there. It seems like the 4th of July rather than Memorial Day. I even bought my steaks for grilling, corn on the cob and a watermelon.

Work was on the slower side this week, I think people do not want to have surgery the week of a holiday weekend. I am off for four days, I know that will fly like the wind.

Emily has only a few more weeks of school and then graduation. I know it is hard to believe but she and most of her class can not find jobs. She has applied at all the hospitals in the area and only one interview and they haven't hired anyone.

There are jobs for nurses out there, but now the ads are requesting RN "WITH EXPERIENCE" It is that old conundrum, how do you get experience if no one will hire you. Two years ago when she started they were offering sign on bonuses and multiple job offers. The hospitals are just not hiring. When someone quits the rest have to work harder. I think the cause is the economy in general and the Obamacare. Health employers just do not know what is going on or what will come of it. so they are not hiring. Also the government in their wisdom to fund Obamacare, has decreased the Medicare reimbursement by 21-25%. That means that the doctors who accept Medicare will get 21-25% less, the hospitals also are getting the same percentage decrease in their reimbursements. So, they are not hiring.

The ironic thing is that doctors are not required to accept Medicare, and I have heard rumor of doctors not accepting it, so that will mean a huge segment of patients may be scrambling to find some one how accepts Medicare. Speaking as a RN I can say for sure that it is a mess.

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  1. I'm hoping that the nation's gradual awakening to their bad 2008 presidential choice will return sense and sensibity to Congress. The nation wants change and to overturn Obamacare.

    Good luck to Emily! Persistence will pay off and she'll find something.

    Have a great weekend!