Sunday, May 30, 2010


What I would love to figure out is how to make the bold and size 12 stay when I format the type.     Every time I have to go and reconfigure it and check OK.

Yesterday and today were very hot, and so is tomorrow scheduled to be also.   Not that you can schedule the weather.   So far, this is proving to be a doo nothing weekend.  

Yesterday one of my friends, co worker and Trivia playing team member passed away from colon cancer.    She was diagnosed two and a half years and up until about one month ago she had been doing well.   She was on constant chemo, but she was able to do everything she wanted.

This is depressing for me.  I suppose I am at the age where deaths of my friends/coworkers and people I know in general will keep on coming.   She had worked for 42 years as a RN and really did not get to enjoy her retirement.

I think seeing her and another few people I decided to cut down my hours and go part time. Really, what is the sense in working yourself to death?   Chuck will be 65 and I will be 64 this fall.  

Chuck is retiring as of July 1st and I am going to work 20 hours a week…   Chuck is worried about having something to do and I am not worried about finding things to do myself.  I have a few hobbies and things I like to do.

I guess I should make a list of things I want to do or perhaps what I want him to do, since he is worried about doing nothing.   But, I am wondering if I will accomplish anything or just sit and relax?    That remains to be seen.     I will start on my list at the end of June.



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