Tuesday, June 29, 2010


and my good mood lasted for four hours. ...... It is just the usual hassle. We are busy and you never know if something is going to be moved into your room. Moving surgical cases is not bad, it is when no one tells you and you go past the main board and see that you now have three additional cases to do.

I just wish the charge people would let us know.

It is to be cool for the next three days. Down with lows in the 40's tonight. Then warm for the weekend. It will give the A/C a break, I seem to sleep better when the temperature is in the 60's in the house. So i will have a few nights with that temperature.

This is my last "full time" week. Next I will start my schedule which is 2/8's and 3/8's. I will be doing 20 hours in a pay period. Honestly, I see people younger than me who have retired in their 50's and I wonder how did they do that???? The health care cost alone will be about $1,000 per month. I really wish I knew the answer to that question.

I am still pondering why my Live Writer will not load. I have posted the question on the MC Live Writer Blog. I also said I was no computer tecki, and I am awaiting an answer. I hope they do not think I am some dumb ass. Probably do, but I need an answer.

Working in OB tomorrow and I have a grad student, and two c-sections. It should go well.....

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  1. So reality has set in.!!! the glow is gone. but glad you enjoyed your trip. I finally got my live writer to work and was so shocked cause I do not know why it started again.