Saturday, July 3, 2010


Live writer that is.   This had been a problem for me for a week and a half.     It malfunctioned after one of the many downloads from MS.   So I perused the “Check for Updates” site and I reinstalled the missing update.   Then I reinstalled Live Writer and TA DA it popped up.    All I can say is “Sometimes a Blind Chicken Finds a Piece of Corn Once In a While”It was purely dumb luck.   


  There is a lot to do in Pittsburgh this weekend,  including the PITTSBURGH REGATTA   It looks like a real fun time, but I am not going.   It will be hot and jammed packed with people.  After spending one morning at the  Art Show in Corolla NC, when it was 100F I could not do it.   The culmination of this weekend will be the Fireworks display, they are shot off over the confluence of the three rivers.  


Parking is scarce is the main problem.   The parking in Pittsburgh is awful, it is one of the most expensive cities in which to park.  To top it off, there is no good mass transit to speak of.      In most of the cities, NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington DC they have reliable train service.    Around here their idea is to build a NORTH SHORE CONNECTOR while will take a person to the Casino, PNC Park, or Heinz Field.    What we need and do not have and I will be dead before it is ever built, is a rain system that goes to the east of the city, thru the college and medical center district.   But, no, the employees of the Medical Center have to park off site and be bussed to their jobs… 

Now on to some pictures..





DSC00019 DSC00032

WHALEHEAD CLUB  This was a summer cottage built in 1922 by Edward Knight as a place to hunt water fowl.  It had fallen into disrepair but now is restored and the Art Show was a fund raiser.


I found out later you weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I could not resist posting this pink kitchen.    The tour was great and it is well worth the stop if you are even in Corolla NC

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