Friday, June 18, 2010


On Wednesday my flash on my camera did not work......Even though it was out of warranty I called tech support.....I spoke (on line) to Alexis and I thought I had a software issue.

All I had to do was re initialize the camera and now it is working as good as new....I had visions of a repair or a camera I could not use indoors. She was great and now it is working perfectly.

I had visions of a costly repair but I was able to fix it for free, free, free........

I would recommend the Sony Corporation because it is the small things that companies do that make a difference. They were able to help me fix the camera in ten minutes.

They are now at the top of my FAVORITE list.


  1. I worked in a camera store for 3 years and I tell you I got a camera, cheap one compared to most KodakC182 and I am still trying to figure it all out.

  2. Lucy, they are hard to figure out. When any instruction books is larger than the item it is too complicated.

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  4. We always buy Sony whenever possible.
    I think that was great of them to still offer technical support.
    A rarity these days for sure!
    Jeanie xxx