Saturday, June 5, 2010


About four times a year (on the weekends) we are required to be on”second call.” This involves waiting for someone to call you and you have 30 minutes to get to work. We are paid less than minimum wage to carry the beeper. So, I have been sitting on my butt, doing a whole lot of nothing. It is sort of a crap shoot if I can go in or not.

If I would make plans of any sort I know for sure the beeper would be calling my name. So far, so good. My routine is to get up early and wash my hair at six in the morning just in case, really with 30 minutes to get there I would not have time to wash my hair.

I did manage to wash a few loads of clothes and spend the better part of the day catching up on my favorite blog postings. I decided to add my own because I can save the drafts.

Tomorrow is another day, fiddle dee dee. I have decided to go to the PITTSBURGH FLEA MARKET and the PITTSBURGH PUBLIC MARKET I have not been to either and both of them are recent additions. The Pittsburgh Public Market is in a part of town called THE STRIP DISTRICT It has no relationship with the removal of ones clothes. But, rather, it is entirely flat section of the market type district and you can buy possibly anything there. It will be a good photo shooting opportunity.

In the wisdom of urban renewal over the past 50 or so years all the public markets were torn down to be replaced with malls. Here are some examples MARKET SQUARE and the NORTH SIDE MARKET HOUSE. The Market Square is currently undergoing a renewal but you can’t replace what was torn down.

In town this weekend and for ten days is the THREE RIVERS ARTS FESTIVAL If we are not too tired we can walk down to that venue. It all depends of how tired we are, if it is raining or how badly our feet hurt. All remains to be seen, and the weather.


  1. I used to have to be on call and I HATED it with a passion. You are right, as soon as you decide to do something you get the call... if you sit on your butt all day nothing ever happens!

  2. Love the Saturday market in the Strip District! Good times and good byes!