Friday, June 25, 2010

Today was an exciting and interesting day. We did go for the 4x4 ride on the beach. Within the first 10 minutes we saw the horses on the beach. It is a law that you can not get within 50 feet of the horses. They are wild and not dependent on people. The horse police are serious about this and if you get ticketed the fine is $500 payable with credit card on the spot.

The horses like on the beach because of the wind of the ocean that will keep the flies off of them. They are descendants of Spanish horses that the ship had wrecked on the Graveyard of the Atlantic. in the 1500's. The heard is maintained at about 85 and if one of them gets sick or comes in contact with humans they are removed and then put up for adoption.

Occasionally females from Shackelford Banks are introduced to add new genes to the herd. We drove along the oceans and then went inland and rode the dune trails thru the island. There are many huge homes out there and the only way to get there is with a 4 wheel drive truck. All good must be brought in, there are no stores. I did get a little hot, but I brought water and bought a hat before we left. It was a fun day.

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  1. I love lovely are peaceful....going about there business, eating, sleeping and making babies.