Monday, July 5, 2010


You mentioned what you and Emily did on vacation but you did not mention me. “That’s because you spent most of the time sitting on the deck reading a two foot high stack of magazines” said Claudia

You mentioned the dune drive and the horses but not me who drove the Jeep. He did drive the Jeep,


Here he is with his new hat getting ready for the ride. The Jeep did not have a roof so we both bought hats to protect our heads from the sun. Riding in the sand is like driving in the snow. A few times it was what I would imagine riding a bucking bronco. You would hit the rut and bounce in the air. Good thing we had on our seat belts because were would have fallen or been thrown out.


I got a hat with a brim because I did not want my ears to get burnt. Emily elected not to get a hat and did not want to be in the picture. So she was out of here.


We even stopped for a fluid balance break….


If I hear another word I will set him up his own blog or forbid him from reading this one…..

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  1. Well you tell Chuck he has been noticed now and to forget getting to much attention. After all 2 ladies to one man, he is out numbered. But you tell him I think he is a handsome man. Of course 80 year olds sight start to fail. Lol